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About us

Well-Tell company has over 6 years’ experience in the call services sector.

We continue to grow and strive to improve the quality of our services and customers’ satisfaction, proving by over 70 completed major projects by more than 150 current colleagues.  We have sufficient managerial staff to cover any potentiality and volume of calls.  Currently we make over 20,000 calls per day, and we are capable of a lot more.  Our call center works 24/7/365.




Invitation to events Services


Form a database of contacts of potential participants of the event


Create a script for a telephone



Make calls to potential participants, to invite them to an event


    Make and send a personalized invitation, to control its receipt by a customer


    Make a second call to ask about the interest in the event, to register participants


    Get a detailed report on the work performed

Significantly save on advertising by direct information to customers


Increase the popularity and recognition of your company's products / services


Significantly increase the pace and volume of sales of its products

 Appointment setting




    Create an exhaustive database of your customers


    Quickly and accurately update and expand the information content of existing databases


    Identify the circle of decision-makers that are important for the activities of your company


    Release the time and energy of your employees for other important tasks



Lead Generation Services


Analytical approach to the formation of the base of the target audience


Market expansion of your product / service and increase brand awareness


Collection of contact data for marketing purposes, mailings and direct sales




    Mailings and direct sales

Informing customers



To be able to serve a huge client audience in a remote format based on the resources of an outsourcing enterprise of the European level


Constantly expand the client base, maintain a high level of loyalty to the consumer audience




    Significant savings due to lack of costs for renting a room, maintenance of equipment and personal staff, organization of the work process as a whole


    As a consequence, you want to increase the sales of your enterprise with a significant reduction in costs and a minimal risk to the business, using the services by phone



    Increase customer awareness of products/services and your competitive advantage




    Detailed report on

    the work performed


    Conduct operational quality control.


    Detailed report on the work performed

Increasing customer

loyalty Services

Obtain additional competitive advantages


Provide your customers with an opportunity to solve most of the issues remotely to enable the company to significantly save on regional and representative offices

Sale of goods and services


Effectively increase sales


Increase customer loyalty and their awareness of products/services.


Save time and money

Market Research

and Survey Services

Feedback form writing


Survey hosting


Survey management


Data analysis



500 min

You get up to 350 contacts

The package includes such options as scripting, telephony, supervisor training, operator training and full reporting.

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1000 min

You get up to 750 contacts

The package includes such options as scripting, telephony, supervisor training, operator training and the provision of a complete reporting system.

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Our advantages

Savings on a staff specialist

It is 3 times more profitable to cooperate with us than to pay salaries to your own staff member

More effective than your employee

Our profession is solely inbound and outbound calls. One specialist processes up to 200 calls a day.

An ordinary employee does handles a fraction, and costs you a lot more.


We are a multi-channel call center.  We can provide different services such as social networks,

e-mail, online stores and so on

Even more

Trouble-free operation keeps your business running smoothly


Call Center curretly makes over 20,000 calls per day


Professional staff of over 150 people


Flexible pricing policy tailored to your specific needs.


Individual calculation for cost of our services

Allow us to calculate the cost of our services for you!



1800 min

You get up to 1500 contacts

The package includes such options as: scripting, telephony, supervisor training, operator training and setting up CRM full reporting system which is available 24/7.

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